Sunday Day Camp

REGISTER NOW for the one of a kind, Sunday Day Camp in Canarsie, Brooklyn beginning March 3 and continued every Sunday. It's a place where kids express themselves in singing, drama and storytelling; engage in hands-on activities like art and craft and interact with others through various games. Plus, send them with their weekend homework.  Licensed teachers and other qualified staff are here to  help them and offer other academic help where necessary. SPACE IS LIMITED. Do not delay REGISTER NOW!

Registration fee is only $10 

Weekly due is only $2

Other donation and sponsorship are welcomed

Field trips and t-shirts are self paid



9520 Seaview Ave Ste 2
Brooklyn, NY 11236


7:30pm: Prayer Meeting


9:45am: Sabbath School

11:20am: Worship Service

4:00pm: Adventist Youth Ministries

Children & Youth Clubs:

3:30pm: Adventurer Club

3:30pm: Pathfinder Clubs