Make yourself at home, here at Beulah.

Beulah SDA Church is a community of faith that loves God, cares for each other, and brings light to the world.


Visiting on a Saturday Morning

It can be hard to walk into a new church.  Here’s what you can expect when you visit us.  
We typically dress up, as we feel like we are honoring God when we do this.  When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our greeting team, who will share our weekly worship service bulletin.  You may here them greet you with “Happy Sabbath!,” which is our way of welcoming you and honoring this day of worship.

Next Events

Can't make it on Saturday morning? Looking for other opportunities to connect with fellow believers? Join us at any of these upcoming events!

Prayer Meeting
Wed 7/17 7:30 am
Sabbath School
Sat 7/20 9:45 am
Worship Service
Sat 7/20 11:20 am
Adventurer Club (age 4-9)
Sat 7/20 3:30 pm

Welcome Home

Beulah SDA Church is a group of people who strive to be more like Jesus every day.  We come from all walks of life, but we’re all on this journey together.  Together, we’re learning to love others as Jesus does, discovering what it means to worship God in spirit and truth, and trusting Him in our lives.

        If you are on this journey or would like to know more about it, this is the place for you.

Welcome to Beulah!


9520 Seaview Ave Ste 2
Brooklyn, NY 11236


7:30pm: Prayer Meeting


9:45am: Sabbath School

11:20am: Worship Service

4:00pm: Adventist Youth Ministries

Children & Youth Clubs:

3:30pm: Adventurer Club

3:30pm: Pathfinder Clubs